Thursday, August 30, 2018

Job: Senior QA Analyst at BG Solutions LLC Company

Location: Yerevan, Armenia


Type: Full-time

Deadline: 29-Sep-18 00:00:00


BG Solutions LLC is looking for a Senior QA Analyst. The ideal candidate should be able to develop and run a quality assurance program, tracking product and strategy changes while diagnosing the causes of recurring bugs. This is a full-time, on-site position with benefits. The Company appreciates anyone who finds excitement in challenging work. The ideal candidate should be eager to start diagnosing problems and helping the Company reach the next level.

- Ensure the quality of all releases by testing and tracking each new feature;
- Create, implement and oversee a release schedule, while tracking each phase and publishing all results;
- Communicate feedback to the necessary team leaders, helping to make sure all issues are addressed as promptly as possible;
- Work with team leaders to understand release requirements and project goals;
- Find and utilize the best tools available for every aspect of the job, including the automation of functional testing.

- At least 3 years of experience in conducting quality assurance through performance testing, integration testing, stress testing and regression testing;
- Knowledge of the industry's best QA methodology and tools, including automation tools and ticket/ bug tracking systems;
- Good time management skills to meet project deadlines;
- Experience with SaaS testing;
- Ability to communicate in English language.


Job URL: - Senior QA Analyst @ BG Solutions LLC

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