Thursday, August 30, 2018

Job: Motion Graphic Designer at Aragil Online Marketing Company

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Category: Web/Graphic design

Type: Full time

Deadline: 29-Sep-18 00:00:00




  • Work with Digital Marketing team to understand the project scope and objectives.
  • Take ideas from abstract concept to concrete visualization through creative processes
  • Create animation storyboards, produce photo, video or animated content using original and third party assets
  • Participate in and bring creative visual ideas to brainstorming sessions
  • Select appropriate audio, graphics and animation styles for the project.
  • Provide accurate timelines and estimate deadlines for each project
  • Understand key legal aspects and compliance issues as it relates to usage rights
  • Remain closely informed of advancements in animation as well as new technologies and techniques, contemporary trends in production design to deliver cutting-edge work


  • Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Understanding of technical requirements/specifications for social platforms
  • Understanding of current creative and design trends
  • Creativity not only as it relates to design, but also to problem-solving
  • Forward thinking with an interest in exploring and leveraging new content formats
  • Proven organizational skills and relentless attention to detail
  • High level of interest in constantly learning new things
  • The mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, and continuous improvement
  • Global perspective and understanding of different cultures


Job URL: - Motion Graphic Designer @ Aragil Online Marketing

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