Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Job: Կոնտենտ մենեջեր at Doping LLC Company

Location: JobParser.Models.LocationModel

Category: Marketing/Advertising/PR

Type: Full time

Deadline: 12-Jul-18 00:00:00




1. Create and regularly update the content of the website and web pages of the Company. (Armenian, Russian, English)

1.1. Explore local and international similar websites, offer new website content development tools.

1.2. Develop the advertising content of the Company’s website, mobile app and social network (create, develop, translate) in accordance with the issues proposed by the Head of Advertising Department.

1.3. Update the content of Company's website, mobile app, social networks and other platforms.  

1.4. Update the information about new offers, services and products in the Company's website

 1. 5. Develop the promotional materials and image ads on leading brands related to the Company’s activity /videos, photos,  articles / and place them on the web site and web pages of the Company.

1.6. Update the website content, fill in or edit the descriptions of the products if needed.

1.7. Coordinate the website content with the direct supervisor

 1.8 Cooperate with partner organizations and place the advertising content of the

            Company on their web site, carry out adaptive changes.

1.9. Ensure the promotion the Company’s website and increase website visits.

1.10 Assist the Advertising Department.

2. Develop trilingual content for promotional and informative materials (Armenian, Russian, English)

2.1. Develop texts for greetings, holiday cards and booklets

2.2. Develop descriptive texts related to products, services, special offers and the Company's other events


3.Represent the Company on the Internet (Social sites, news sites, blogs, the Company's internal network and other platforms).

3.1. Create web/social network pages and groups for the Company


3.2.Place the information about the Company as well as the information about products, services, special offers and the Company's other events in web sites and social network


3.3Ensure the information flow and daily activities of Company's pages and groups.


  1. Higher education
  2. Excellent knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages
  3. Excellent knowledge of MS Office, knowledge of the ArmSoft is welcome
  4. Experience in working with websites
  5. Internet browsing experience
  6. Social networking and Content management skills
  7. Knowledge of SEO and internet ethics
  8. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Knowledge of Adobe Ilustrator will be a plus
  9. Knowledge of HTML, CSS
  10. Basic knowledge of general web design
  11. Basic knowledge of Internet PR
  12. Photography skills
  13. Writing communication skills, both business and creative
  14. Ability to work in a team and collaborate with other departments
  15. General knowledge of the services and products offered by the Company



Job URL: iJob.am - Կոնտենտ մենեջեր @ Doping LLC