Thursday, June 28, 2018

Job: BMS (Building Maintenance System) Operator at Kamar Business Center Company

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Category: Hardware Design / Engineering

Type: Full time

Deadline: 28-Jul-18 00:00:00




  • Provide the Chief Engineer with a preventive maintenance schedule for implementation and monitoring of the specified activities 
  • Support to conduct scheduled and non-scheduled preventive maintenance, control, inspection and repair works, including replacement of equipment and defective parts upon request
  • Analyze the operation of HVAC systems vs. the set values and introduce appropriate control parameters
  • Carry out system checks, monitor and respond appropriately to alarms and interpret current data 
  • Carry out daily inspection of the system using the tools of the building management system such as data entry, device operation review, alarm system status, etc.
  • Streamline the works based on BMS checks, HVAC system and/or hydraulic system analysis, to ensure energy efficiency and comfort considering weather conditions and/or internal conditions 
  • Reduce (if possible) the operating expenses and improve the quality of services provided to tenants and clients of the Kamar Business Center  
  • Document BMS system changes and updates, including software or input value modifications 
  • Analyze the causes of system failures, perform appropriate diagnostics and submit a list of necessary recovery actions to the General Engineer for approva


  • College or university degree 
  • High-level performance, discipline and integrity  
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Knowledge of Russian and English languages can be considered as an advantage.
  • Experience in the relevant filed(s) will be considered as an advantage.


Job URL: - BMS (Building Maintenance System) Operator @ Kamar Business Center

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