Friday, February 23, 2018

Job: Fundraising Specialist at Tumo Center for Creative Technologies Company

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Type: Full Time

Deadline: 22-Mar-18 00:00:00


Tumo Center for Creative Technologies is seeking an experienced Fundraising Specialist to join its team, develop a comprehensive and coherent fundraising strategy for the Company.

- Develop and deliver a comprehensive and coherent fundraising strategy for the Company;
- Research fundraising opportunities, write grant applications, funding proposals inspiring people to commit to the cause in question;
- Set and achieve realistic time-limited fundraising targets, agreed with top management;
- Support the development of large-scale multi-country funding proposals to international funders;
- Continually seek new and appropriate contacts and partnerships with relevant individuals or organizations;
- Assist in brainstorming and creating new methods to raise funds for the Company;
- Inspire new donors to raise money, while maintaining and developing relationships with existing donors, motivate and facilitate supporters to maximize the funds they raise;
- Leverage technology and social media where possible to improve fundraising activities, create marketing materials to be used for the promotion of events and other fundraising pushes;
- Maintain complete and orderly records of donors and manage regular donor communications;
- Ensure reporting to funders and top management is accurate, transparent and timely;
- Make risk analyses and balancing time-cost ratios to focus effort on the fundraising activities that are most appropriate and will have the highest chance of success;
- Ensure the donors or companies are happy with their donation scheme and are kept informed of progress and milestones;
- Manage and update a comprehensive fundraising database that captures all relevant information, as well as handle all administrative aspects of fundraising;
- Create a sustainable and diverse fundraising portfolio, with funding streams including individuals, corporates, community, events and other grant-makers, with appropriate priorities.

- Bachelor's or master's degree in Marketing, Business Management, Public Relations or a related field;
- Expert-level knowledge of fundraising best practices across multiple audiences;
- A strong track record of securing funding;
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English languages;
- Excellent planning, time management and organizational abilities;
- Person adaptable and flexible to changing circumstances and needs of the role, including flexibility in working hours to ensure coordination with key colleagues in different locations and time zones;
- Ability to work under pressure, meeting key project and reporting deadlines;
- Sensitivity to differences in culture and nationality with the ability to work closely with colleagues from across the world with a range of professional backgrounds.


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