Monday, February 12, 2018

Job: Fuel and Lubricant Coordinator at Lydian Armenia CJSC Company

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Type: Full Time

Deadline: 26-Feb-18 00:00:00


The Fuel and Lubricant Coordinator will ensure the proper handling, storage, and shipment of petroleum-based products, such as oil and fuel. He/ she will primarily be responsible for the supervision and management, reception, storage, security and shipping of bulk or packaged petroleum products. This will include operating specialized pumping and support equipment to load fuel supply storage tanks, selecting and submitting samples of petroleum-based products for daily testing, performing petroleum and water accounting activities, testing petroleum samples for contamination, maintaining and repairing specialized equipment, and maintaining fuel management logs/ files.

- Conduct full site lubrication surveys and present recommendations directly to the customer;
- Generate lubrication schedules based on correct products, volumes, dispense rates and energy efficiency potentials;
- Provide sample analysis recommendations;
- Deliver customer and technician lubrication training;
- Provide front-line troubleshooting advice and intervention as required;
- Promote lubrication best practices to support the growth of WP's engineering services offer;
- Develop project implementation plans and delegate tasks to the technical team;
- Represent the Company in an appropriate manner when dealing with suppliers, customers and colleagues;
- Ensure adherence to team safety requirements, documentation and training and produce the highest standard of work possible in accordance with the Company's ISO9001 procedures;
- Carry out other activities necessary for the smooth running of industrial lubricants function, assisting with implementation tasks as required;
- Inspect, test, receive and protect fuel supplies and bulk petroleum, petrochemical and chemical products; monitor usage; enforce safety standards and maintain fuel logs and records;
- Physically sample, measure, and take the temperature of delivery trucks and storage tanks utilizing a variety of methods dictated by the Company and API procedures;
- Calculate and report quantities transferred and perform full reconciliation of the quantities;
- Accurately complete all required reports and forms, including detailed work order documentation and ordering of all known material for maintenance activities.

- High school diploma or General Education degree;
- At least 5 years of experience or combination of education/ technical training in petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) subject area;
- Current certification in hazardous waste operations and emergency response or equivalent;
- Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing;
- Ability to work well under pressure;
- Strong attention to details;
- Knowledge of inventory control and inventory systems.


Job URL: - Fuel and Lubricant Coordinator @ Lydian Armenia CJSC