Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Job: Center Exam Manager at Esolarm Testing and Training Center Company

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Category: Administrative Job

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 19-Feb-18 00:00:00




- Overview, policy, planning and implementation re exams and training programmes to be developed by Esolarm center or its partner organizations, with particular focus on logistics (accommodation, finding trainers, dealing with their issues, organizing the training courses etc.)
- Overview, policy and implementation re international exams (organizing exams due to the policies and regulations of the operating bodies, being responsible for the scheduling and holding the exams, taking care of all the test takers due to the regulations, etc.)
- Finding new partners and enlarging the business sphere
- Negotiation with the existing partners (keep in touch by email and on phone)
- Solving all the issues during the exams with the help of technical person


- University Degree
- 1 year of relevant experience in administrative and management field
- Counseling & interpersonal skills (ability to understand people's needs)
- Excellent communication skills & time management skills
- Financial management – keeping budgets, managing expenses
- Ability to create and maintain business networks/relationships
- Office administration experience
- Attention to details
- Young, energetic, motivated person
- Ability to work with and contribute to the team
- Required languages: English (fluent), Russian (good)


Job URL: iJob.am - Center Exam Manager @ Esolarm Testing and Training Center