Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Job: Telecom Implementation Manager at Ericsson AB Branch Office Armenia Company

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Type: Full Time

Deadline: 14-Jun-18 00:00:00


Telecom Implementation Manager (IM) will manage and organize on regional level sites swaps and rollouts and coordinate work of supervisors and controllers. Rollout and installation and integration work will be provided by local subcontractors and IM shall secure that subcontractor is on the track with agreed rollout plan. This includes managing Site Survey and Rollout, new equipment logistics, site access, swapped equipment retuning act of transfer collection. For initial 5-10 sites IM will organize on site work training for subcontractor team on installation and integration of Ericsson equipment including RBS 6000 series (installation and commissioning) and SIU (Site Integration Unit), Ericsson outdoor cabinet host SSC02 (power connections, etc.). After successful on air of the first 10-15 sites and acceptance, IM will continue to manage on field activities of subcontractors to secure that they follow installation instructions and customer acceptance requirements. In case when subcontractor will be unable to launch RBS due to low competence, IM will send supervisor to expertise problem and solve it on site. IM will make preliminary acceptance plan with a customer.
IM must control all works and secure time plan. He/ she must on time inform Ericsson team about circumstances which can affect and delay successful site readiness. IM will communicate to Project team with current status of Rollout by mail or phone call on daily/ weekly basis. IM will control all required documents (signed site acceptance, site materials usage acts, photos, etc.) after site acceptance.


- 2-3 years' experience as an Implementation Manager in a Rollout project;
- Knowledge of rollout process;
- Technical background;
- Ericsson basic RBS, Transmission, Site Integration Unit (SIU) and power systems experience; expert knowledge in RBS 6000 or 2000 series installation and commissioning, Mini-Link TN, PT (installation and commissioning), SIU (installation and commissioning); experience in civil infrastructure will be a priority;
- Good at and well-organized in paper work;
- Good communication and managerial skills;
- Speaking skills in Russian and Ukrainian languages;
- Resistance to stress and readiness for irregular working hours;
- Driving license;
- On height work and electricity work permissions.


Job URL: iJob.am - Telecom Implementation Manager @ Ericsson AB Branch Office Armenia