Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Job: Product Owner at Ginosi Apartels Company

Location: JobParser.Models.LocationModel


Type: Full Time

Deadline: 14-Jun-18 00:00:00




  • Participate and report in Scrum sessions with the software development team
  • Prepare and review the Product Backlog in cooperation with the Scrum master
  • Prioritize requirements, defects (software bugs), and other work items for the development team
  • Perform acceptance testing flows and accept or reject the work results correspondingly
  • Perform systematic analysis to define customer requirements and business workflows
  • Facilitate modeling sessions, including requirements envisioning
  • Manage requirements dependencies with other teams, negotiating and re-prioritizing as appropriate
  • Keep customers and users informed on their status and elicit their feedback
  • Educate teams and users in the business domain with the help of the Communication department
  • Document existing and new features' underlying procedures
  • Own the product and take responsibility for its success or failure

  • RequiredQualifications


    Job URL: iJob.am - Product Owner @ Ginosi Apartels