Monday, May 14, 2018

Job: Masis Branch Manager at Sef International UCO LLC Company

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Type: Full Time

Deadline: 31-May-18 00:00:00


The incumbent will be responsible for the management and supervision of the Branch staff. He/ she will plan and coordinate all operations in line with Organization's mission, manage the branch portfolio and control the budget.

- Perform strategic and financial planning and control of the Branch operations;
- Carry out the ongoing management of the Branch staff and ensure the realization of Organization's policies and procedures;
- Ensure the compliance of all credit operations of the Branch with the Organization's objectives, politics and strategy, as well as local legislation;
- Control and process Branch loan portfolio ensuring timely repayments and effective customer service;
- Establish contacts with public, solve marketing issues;
- Participate in the development of credit and non-credit products and in the modification and implementation of the processes;
- Introduce to customers the lending conditions and decisions about it;
- Participate in and control the lending and repayment processes;
- Manage the loan portfolio of the Branch and budget;
- Ensure the Branch operations are in line with local legal requirements, professional and company standards, objectives and strategy of the Organization.

- Higher education, preferably in Economics;
- Ability to evaluate financial risks;
- Knowledge of rules of preparation of internal and external evaluations;
- Good understanding of principles of small and medium business setup and development;
- Awareness of modern means of data analysis and processing;
- Knowledge of main requirements of contracts and treaties;
- Familiarity with methods of financial analysis;
- Good understanding of principles of people management, marketing, branding and public relations;
- Project management skills; skills in management of document turnover;
- Knowledge of information systems used by finance institutions;
- Good command of principles of RA Civil and Labor Code;
- Business communication ethics;
- MS Office skills (Excel and Word); AS Bank skills are a plus.


Job URL: - Masis Branch Manager @ Sef International UCO LLC