Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Job: Implementation Coordinator at Ericsson AB Branch Office Armenia Company

Location: JobParser.Models.LocationModel


Type: Full Time

Deadline: 14-Jun-18 00:00:00


Implementation Coordinator (IC) is responsible for receiving, checking, uploading to system and controlling of approval of TSSR.

- Notify subcontractor (ASP) about necessity to provide TSSR according to time plan;
- Receive TSSR, check and upload to system for approving; in case if TSSR does not correspond to customer's requirements, notify ASPs in time about necessity of changes;
- Monitor TSSR status in system and report about readiness;
- Provide timely and correct performing works (TSSR) according to Project time plan;
- Perform other job-related duties.

- Technical background;
- Good knowledge of the area of construction;
- Experience with Ericsson basic RBS, Transmission, Site Integration Unit (SIU) and power systems; expert knowledge of RBS 6000 or 2000 series installation and commissioning, Mini-Link TN, PT (installation and commissioning), SIU (installation and commissioning);
- Experience in civil infrastructure is a priority;
- Permission and certificate to work on heights;
- Permission and certificate for electrical safety;
- Good at and well-organized in paper work;
- Good communication and managerial skills;
- Knowledge of spoken Armenian and English languages;
- Resistance to stress and readiness for irregular working hours;
- Valid driving license.


Job URL: iJob.am - Implementation Coordinator @ Ericsson AB Branch Office Armenia