Thursday, January 11, 2018

Job: Social Worker at Mission Armenia NGO Company

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Category: Science and Education

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 18-Jan-18 00:00:00




- Identify and register new refugees, asylum-seekers and persons in a refugee-like situation (Persons of Concern)
- Conduct PoC data collection, needs assessment and update
- Compile PoC data
- Regularly update information on the PoC and submit it to the Team Leader
- Develop and carry out individual integration plan
- Pay regular check-up visits to PoC homes
- Provide consulting, counseling services to the PoC
- Manage PoC cases and advocate to redress violation of PoC' rights and/ or to help PoC to access/ enforce their privileges
- Inform and advise PoC how resolve their social and health problems and refer them to relevant national and other institutions
- Disseminate information among the PoC on their rights and entitled privileges
- Help the program medical staff arrange in-patient/ out-patient services for the patients
- Distribute individual assistance in the form of: food, non-food commodities and monetary assistance
- Pay visits to PoC for collecting data on rental subsidy component and presents the findings to the panel
- Maintain relevant documentation (minutes, data compilation, data completion, etc.); regarding panel meeting discussions on rental subsidy support
- Timely report to Head of Social Services Coordinator on the situation of the PoC and in the target sites
- Perform other job-related tasks that may be assigned by the Team Leader


- University degree in Social Work
- At least 3 years of work experience in social work; experience working for or with refugees and asylum seekers is an asset
- Proficiency in office software applications (Word, Excel and Access)
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English languages
- Capability and skills to manage the cases
- Capability and skills to apply social work methods and models in practical work
- Knowledge of Basic Legislation on Social Sector Reforms
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Ability to work with a team
- Ability to work in intensive settings, and time management skills
- Excellent communication skills, demonstrating patience, attention, caring attitude, integrity, honesty, initiative and confidentiality


Job URL: - Social Worker @ Mission Armenia NGO