Thursday, January 11, 2018

Job: Legal Assistant at Mission Armenia NGO Company

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Category: Law

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 16-Jan-18 00:00:00




- Responsible for assessment of cases of asylum seekers, making up written documents, including legal opinion
- Provide free legal advice, counseling, consulting to asylum seekers, refugees and persons in a refugee-like situation
- Present rights and interests of asylum seekers, refugees and persons in a refugee-like situation to state and non-state bodies
- Arrange and conduct training for law students on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers
- Arrange and conduct training for lawyers, advocates and public defenders on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers
- Develop and submit monthly, semi-annual and annual reports
- Perform other job-related tasks assigned by the head within the Project framework


- Higher professional education in International Law, International Relations and Jurisprudence
- At least 5 years of work experience with state and non-governmental organizations involved in the field of refugee issues and asylum procedures in the Republic of Armenia
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages
- Knowledge of computer software
- Knowledge of the International Refugee Law, as well as relevant Armenian legislation
- Knowledge of the asylum procedure in Armenia, including the country of origin
- Experience in data collection/ assessment, maintaining documentation and correspondence, and making up and submission of reports
- Ability to work in intensive settings, time management skills
- Excellent communication skills, demonstrating patience, attention, honesty, initiative, and confidentiality
- Ability of collaboration with multidisciplinary team and specialists


Job URL: - Legal Assistant @ Mission Armenia NGO