Friday, January 12, 2018

Job: SMM, SEO Specialist at gHost Services LLC Company

Location: JobParser.Models.Location

Category: Sales & Marketing

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 11-Feb-18 00:00:00




- Develop and maintain social media strategy for company social media pages
- Periodically report about the ongoing work and the result of the work done
- Organize events, campaigns which will result on the productiveness of the company work
- Create, edit, post and promote daily content on social media pages of the company
- Analyze insights of the company social media pages by resulting on the improvement of the social media promotion
- Study the field and be aware of constant changes and innovations
- Closely collaborate with other team members by implementing discussions on improvement of the social media strategy
- To be aware of the news and innovations of the social media, create new ideas and suggestions for engaging large audience
- To socialize within the company social media pages with customers by sending e-mails, letters and quick responses


- Excellent knowledge of social media different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+
- Excellent knowledge of English, Russian and Armenian languages
- Willingness to learn
- Creative thinking
- Excellent time management skills
- Strong ability to analyze social media insights


Job URL: - SMM, SEO Specialist @ gHost Services LLC