Friday, January 12, 2018

Job: Warehouse and Inventory Manager at E - World Systems LLC Company

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Category: Administrative Job

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 31-Jan-18 00:00:00




- Control all fulfilment and stock management procedure
- Assist in establishing inventory and warehousing system
- Be responsible for handling e-commerce shop orders, process the latter's with suppliers, as well as organize dispatching and shipping process
- Handle a warehouse by controlling and overseeing the life cycle of products procedure making sure products are shipped and delivered on time, properly stocked and ready to ship
- Handle customer returns and refurbished products' sale process
- Deal with a customer support, master product and understand how company processes work
- Manage the implementation of a new database for the automation of management, accounting and sales


- Proven experience in warehousing and inventory management
- Effective time management and organizational skills
- Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
- Proficient computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Office Suite, especially MS Excel
- Effective time management and organizational skills
- Analytical and problem solving skills


Job URL: - Warehouse and Inventory Manager @ E - World Systems LLC