Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Job: Director of the Children's Villages Programme "Kotayk" Branch at SOS Children's Villages International Company

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Category: Business Administration

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 10-Jul-18 00:00:00




- Lead the development and implementation of the SOS CVP "Kotayk" in line with the SOS CVP Policy and related international and national SOS policies, strategies, quality standards and guidelines
- Lead the implementation of the programme management cycle including the CVP planning process as part of SOS Children's Villages Armenia annual and strategic planning to ensure that interventions are relevant to the local context, respond to the needs of the target group and contribute to the development of sustainable social support systems
- Coordinate and ensure cooperation between all areas of work within the CVP
- Ensure efficiency through best use/ sharing of resources across different Programme units
- Regularly report on CVP activities and progress towards targets to the National Director of SOS CV Armenia and relevant National Office functions
- Ensure that the CVP is supportive to the brand of the SOS Children's Villages Organisation
- Build accountability in the Programme by ensuring implementation of simple and effective financial and administrative procedures in accordance with defined policies and guidelines
- Lead the budgeting process for CVP "Kotayk"
- Monitor budget expenditures and conduct financial and content controlling of the Programme, in order to ensure that funds are properly used
- Continually look for ways to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner
- Ensure that budgeting of maintenance costs (construction, repairs, renovation) for SOS property is carried out by the leader of the Programme the facility belongs. The CVPD is overall accountable for good facility maintenance in the CVP
- Promote the Organisation in the public and identify potential income sources in cooperation with the Fund Development and Communications function in the National Office and/ or the National Director
- Strive for the highest possible level of Programme self-financing with a focus on government subsidies and public funding within the frame of targets agreed during the strategic planning process


- University degree in Management, HRM, Educational Sciences, Psychology or Social Work; degree in Social Sciences is preferred
- Leadership experience at a senior management/ executive level, preferentially within the NGO or public sector; at least 3 years practical experience in one or more of the following functional areas: child and/ or youth care, community development, human resource management, psychology, education
- Willingness to make a long-term commitment
- Strong interest in working with children and youth
- Knowledge of English and Armenian languages
- Readiness to obtain the necessary SOS specific competences through a professional orientation and basic training process and ongoing development
- Planning, monitoring and evaluation skills
- Hands-on computer software skills
- Good presentation and project management skills Competencies:
- Management competences: skills and expertise in HR/ HRD; ability of strategic thinking, planning and budgeting; financial management skills; basic knowledge in fundraising and marketing network-based way of thinking
- Child and youth care competences: pedagogical and psychological knowledge and skills; basic comprehension of child, youth and family development; knowledge of national child welfare and child care legislation; familiar with and aware of children's rights and child protection; capability to promote child and youth activities; experience in cooperating with local and national child and youth care projects of governmental and NGO initiatives
- SOS Children's Village competences: knowledge and comprehension of the task areas of SOS mothers and youth care co-workers; profound knowledge about the SOS Organisation and its core principles (vision-mission-values, policies, standards of care, local and global development)
- Leadership: ability of building effective teams, keeping high performance and generate commitment to organisational goals; ability to delegate; knowledge and skills in conflict management; communication skills
- Teamwork skills: ability to build interpersonal relationships
- Intercultural, gender and diversity sensitivity: respect and appreciation for different cultures, religions and social backgrounds and capability of a gender sensitive approach
- Community development and facilitation skills


Job URL: iJob.am - Director of the Children's Villages Programme "Kotayk" Branch @ SOS Children's Villages International

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