Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Job: Social Worker at Talin Huys NGO Company

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Type: Full-time

Deadline: 31-May-18 00:00:00

Salary: 80,000 AMD (Net)

Talin Huys NGO is looking for a Social Worker to work in Aparan and the surrounding villages. Within the IDPs Social worker will support the competent body to systemize the process of providing social services. He/ she will cooperate with Social Support Network. He/she will also promote the creating and effective usage of the Social Service Network.

- Thoroughly study the applications, documents, information, corresponding informational databases, home-visits, received calls press and other mass media to find and register the most-vulnerable children, their families living in his/her working area as well as do preliminary need assessment with the "Being in Difficult Life Circumstances" form;
- Support the competent state body in forming the individual development program (IDP) of a child and his/her family, to describe the system of providing services, as well as support the implementation and further control of the IDP;
- Support activities of the centers of integrated social services/ area agencies of the social services;
- With agreement of competent local governmental body, participate in the work and implementation of local social projects of the region and other communities that are within the area scope;
- Agree with Board of Trustees and Guardians to participate in its work process and present recommendations for professional solution of the problems of vulnerable and most-vulnerable children;
- Promote the replenishment of the information store called "Manuk" done by Board of Trustees and Guardians;
- Cooperate with the education, health, community social workers/ local office of social workers, police, local governmental bodies and other corresponding bodies in order to provide necessary support of the most-vulnerable children and their families, as well as social cases of the most-vulnerable children as a result of sponsorship monitoring, particularly:
a) Help the beneficiary to realize the rights to get health aid and services;
b) Help to realize the education rights (as well as pre-school education) organizing also professional work in the communities to promote the inclusive education;
c) Support to solve the children education and family upbringing problems, particularly run personnel consultation for the parents, creating supporting groups, meetings and training, including other professionals;
d) Provide equal opportunities of the social support and social availability;
e) Provide other social support according to the characteristics of the certain case;
- Organize discussions with the beneficiaries and stakeholders of social cases, including the vulnerable children and their families;
- Find, study and use all possible recourses that can be directed to the provision of social needs of the beneficiaries (their families), to map those bodies and organizations that can or ought to provide effective support;
- Inform the beneficiaries about the scope of the bodies from where they have the right to get social support and main kinds of social services, as well as the description of corresponding state programs in the sphere of provision of social protection and about preconditions to be involved in them; point out the list of necessary documents and their provision deadlines;
- Help the beneficiaries in finding and using the abilities to overcome difficulties and meet the primary needs, to improve the available social abilities and to get new ones, to provide the engagement of beneficiaries and their (their families) active participation in the process of the solution of social problems;
- Keep the confidentiality of the information about beneficiaries and their family members;
- Monitor the social cases of families under risk group that were found trough periodical meeting, home-visits, documentation research with beneficiaries and their family members via sponsorship tools, to report the changes of social needs of beneficiaries and their families, as well as the tendency of their increase and decrease;
- Due to the activities pointed in the individual development program, as well as discussing the results of running the social cases with the children and their families, prepare and present to the direct manager the improvement reports, recommendations and other documentation of most-vulnerable families and children.

- Higher professional education in Pedagogy or Social Work;
- Experience as a Social Worker is desirable;
- Certificate from special courses of "Social work" is an advantage;
- Working knowledge of English language;
- Communication skills; ability to work with people in difficult situations.


Job URL: - Social Worker @ Talin Huys NGO