Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Job: Marketing Manager at Best Western Congress Hotel Company

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Category: Sales & Marketing

Type: Full Time

Deadline: 31-May-18 00:00:00




- Manage the day to day marketing activities of the organization and long term marketing strategy for the company
- Manage all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department
- Develop the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives
- Coordinate marketing campaigns with sales activities
- Oversee the company's marketing budget
- Create and publish all marketing material in line with marketing plans
- Plan and implement promotional campaigns
- Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
- Prepare online and print marketing campaigns
- Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications
- Create a wide range of different marketing materials
- Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives
- Analyzing potential strategic partner relationships for company marketing
- Oversee distribution strategy of the hotel and manage day to day yield operations
- Optimize and expand distribution partnerships
- Manage social media presence and direct programs to improve social media reputation and recognition
- Develop and deliver marketing and communications strategies for the organization
- Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends
- Create new contacts with potential clients
- Create long lasted relationships with partners
- Follow up of all marketing offers
- Create marketing options of hotel services
- Create a database of clients and regularly update it
- Follow up of guest comments


- Experience in relevant field
- Excellent communication skills
- Good knowledge of Armenian, Russian and English languages
- Creativity


Job URL: iJob.am - Marketing Manager @ Best Western Congress Hotel