Friday, February 9, 2018

Job: Customer Support QA Analyst at E-World Systems LLC Company

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Type: Full-time

Deadline: 08-Mar-18 00:00:00


E-World Systems LLC is looking for an experienced Customer Support QA Analyst who is enthusiastic about customer experience, willing to learn and excited about working in a team, ensuring that the Support Team is operating at maximum efficiency. The ideal candidate should be inquisitive, solution-oriented and enjoy the digital process.

- Monitor daily calls and e-mails of the Sales Support Team to identify trends and knowledge gaps, as well as customer service processes for adherence to defined quality parameters;
- Assist in formation and evaluation of Quality Management program;
- Work with Instructional Design and Training Manager to assess new training needs gaps within the Sales Support Team;
- Prepare analytical reports in regards to sales support quality on a weekly basis, and as requested by the management;
- Present findings to the Head of customer support and recommend and participate in process improvement initiatives;
- Assist with creation of handouts and materials to be used by Sales Support Team to ensure quality;
- Assist in testing new trainings before they are published for use;
- Facilitate training events as needed;
- Analyze and interpret large amounts of quality data to identify knowledge gaps and improve efficiencies;
- Generate effective solutions to problems, considering unique aspects of situations, negotiating compromises; suggesting alternative solutions, and balancing business needs with individual needs;
- Convey written information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents;
- Perform other duties as assigned.

- Bachelor's degree in a related field;
- 3 years of working experience in customer service or call centers;
- Prior experience in quality assurance is a plus; direct selling/ network marketing industry experience is preferred;
- Proficiency in English language;
- Understanding of quality: ability to identify positive and negative experiences within calls and e-mails. Ability to suggest best practices to improve quality scores.
- Outstanding written and verbal communication skills;
- Outstanding interpersonal skills; professional, courteous, friendly, and empathetic person;
- Strong observational skills;
- Strong analytical skills;
- Problem-solving skills;
- Ability to positively adjust to a rapidly changing environment.


Job URL: - Customer Support QA Analyst @ E-World Systems LLC